I just realized this…


We all remember the wonderful scene where Aomine gives Kagami the basketball shoes.


This is the scene in question (or a small part of it) and you can see fairly well that these are the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago (yes. I researched.).


So let me tell you something I discovered on my journey through the interwebs: these shoes are fucking hard to get! Well, that is if you want them NEW (you can always look on ebay, but they are really expensive there too) and for a more affordable price that is not almost 400$! Most of the time, when they’re on regular sale, they’re some sort of limited edition. Go, google it, find these shoes for less than 150$. Either I’m too stupid to buy a pair of sneakers or AoKaga has just clouded my whole brain… (or it is just hard to find them from Germany…)

My conclusion? Aomine gives Kagami a pair of shoes that you can most likely get only as a limited edition, for a ridiculous amount of money or used on ebay.

I’m done with these idiots. DONE.

DA Countires


therandomgoddess I found these…

Ferelden - (Found something that Ferelden is basically the size of England..And has been said many a times that this is based on England) 

Free Marches - (High chance that this is Scotland while Ferelden is England..Since Sebastion speaks with a Scottish accent and his actor is Scottish) 

Anderfels (Ingame characters from there still have a British accent)

Rivain - Spain

Tevinter Empire - Eastern Roman Empire

Orlais - France

Seheron - Jungle……

Antiva - Italy…More indulge to Venice, but with Spanish accents.

Nevarra - -shrugs-  Though I hear Germany since its ingame history with Orlais (France) is similar. And I also hear Prussia as well :|

All taken from fourms with David and someone esle making them self known. I used alot of fourms to grab all there sources but these seem legit..

Rick is completely integrated now. He still has that humanity that Hershel sort of helps him recapture, but he can very much bite a guy’s throat out. And he’ll need that. Something that’s interesting about this season, and the story, and the world going forward, is that anybody who’s around has to have a certain amount of power, and they have to be some kind of formidable. And I think Rick is sort of at the height of that. But what makes him that much more formidable is — I mean, there is a line from the trailer, which is “These people are my family, and if you hurt them in any way, I will kill you.” That’s kind of the mission statement there. He’s not yelling it. He says it very coolly, very certainly, and that’s who he is now. He doesn’t blink to protect people who he loves. He does not blink and he can get pretty scary pretty quick.

Scott Gimple, What about Rick? Talk about the man he’s become now. (via the-walking-dead-amc)